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Your resting place for shorter and longer stays in the Upper Valais

The Serviced Apartments Wallis are located in different buildings in Breiten, above Mörel-Filet, only 8 km from Brig. They ensure you the ideal relaxation point after a peaceful hike, an adventurous bike tour, a fantastic day of skiing or even after a hard day's work.

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View of Breiten above Mörel
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The Serviced Apartments Wallis are located in Breiten ob Mörel, a Swiss recognised thermal brine spa. The spring water of Breiten is enriched with salt from the 'primeval sea' that covered what is now Switzerland 250 million years ago.

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In the Serviced Apartments Wallis you get first and foremost a quiet accommodation. All studios and apartments are equipped with bathroom/WC, balcony or terrace, TV, Wifi, a small, fully equipped kitchenette or kitchen, dining table and of course a comfortable bed.

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Pets welcome

In our Serviced Apartments Wallis in Breiten also the four-legged friends are welcome. Please inform us when booking that you are bringing your pet.

Pets welcome